Summer has begun and so Proefschrift invited importers to each select and send in three favorite summer wines. Eachimporter was invited to send two white wines and one red wine. Price indication: affordable for all. We received a nicely varied selection of wines from good to very good level.
For Proefschrift the important criteria were: attractive fruit, fresh, lively acidity, nice and drinkable, also with a lunch dish.
For each importer we provide the wine that, in our opinion, pre-eminently deserves the label 'summer wine' with a sunshine (☼).

Pure Wine in Review Summer 2022

☼ ( = editor's favorite )

Bacharacher Riesling trocken, Weingut Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany 2020

Family business founded in the 1950s by Hans Ratzenberger, is currently headed by his grandson Jochen. He owns about 20 acres in the Upper Mittelrhein Valley, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best parcels are in the VDP.Grosse Lagen Steeg St. Jost and Bacharach Wolfshöhle, followed by two Erste Lagen Schloss Fürstenberg and Bacharacher Kloster Fürstental.
Riesling, durable; light color, clean aroma, fairly neutral, the taste gives much more, nice fruit, lightly developed with ripe tones, fine acidity provides finesse and length, transparent, appropriate bitterness forms pleasant conclusion (12%) € 13.95

Miano Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Valledolmo-Contea di Sclafani, Italy 2020
Catarratto is a purely Sicilian grape variety The grapes are grown on volcanic soil at an altitude between 900 and 1000 meters. Refinement on steel tank for 3 months and aged in bottle for another 2 months.
Catarratto, organic; quite light in color, striking pear fruit in aroma and taste, lively acidity, clean, transparent, in addition to acidity a slight bitterness, elegant wine with length (12%) € 14.95

Nero d'Avola, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy 2019
Once a cooperative, now 125 collaborating, passionate winemakers and a dedicated wine team led by Pierro Boffa and oenologist Tonino Guzzo. Their vineyard area covers a total of 75 hectares. Old vines (40-60 years) and bush vines are the guarantee for the preservation and protection of valuable biodiversity: small vineyard plots are interspersed with olives and orchards.
Nero d'avola, organic, 10 months aging in small barrels; lots of color intensity, full range of aromas, filling and juicy attack, pleasant dark red fruit, cherries, pleasant tannin gives structure, meal wine, pour cool in summer (14%) € 14.95