Home cooking episode 1

If you feel like cooking really good home cooking with few ingredients, be my guest!

Home cooking episode 2

Real KISS dish. Keep it stupid and simple and enjoy!!!

Home cooking episode 3

We have almost forgotten how to make really good baked potatoes. We live too fast! Take a moment and follow the recipe. You will be very happy for the rest of your life if you make and eat this!

Home Cooking Episode 4

This is how to deep fry your own "Fish & Chips". Simple recipe for a true classic

Home Cooking Episode 5

The one and only! Cathy's guilty pleasure. Caesar salad is bound by strict rules. The lettuce, the dressing, the croutons. And that's all it is!

Home cooking episode 6

If you never ventured into the king of sauces there may be a bright lead here. Knock, knock and knock again!!!

Home Cooking Episode 7

Cleaning wild prawns, then grilling them on the BBQ. Corn in foil with butter and thyme on the BBQ, salsa of beautiful ripe vine tomatoes. Super tasty Syrah rosé.

Home Cooking Episode 8

Not to be trifled with hedonistic Father's Day breakfast.Fresh poached egg, super smoked salmon , toast and Hollandaise sauce.This is how to make fathers happy!!!

Home Cooking Episode 9

The basic preparation of Risotto clearly portrayed. Of course beautifully luxuriously executed with fresh porcini mushrooms and young broad beans for bite and bitterness.

Say Cheese

With cheese from Betty and wine from Cathy