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Beautiful News from Wine Country !

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Trotse wijnimporteurs tijdens  Wineprofessional  2022

Proefschrift reviews spring 2022

We are proud of the beautiful spring reviews on the wine site of Proefschrift and proud as well of our Sekt which is the only German wine in the final sparkling under 20 €!

Rheinschiefer Riesling trocken, Matthias Müller, Mittelrhein, Germany 2020

Matthias Müller is considered the best producer of this area, which has actually been unjustly neglected. He has been part of the VDP since 2007. His Weingut is located in Spay, a village along a bend of the Rhine, slightly above the famous vineyards of the Bopparder Hamm. Matthias expanded the family winery's vineyard arsenal considerably, to 14 acres, and was joined by his Geisenheim-trained son Johannes.
Riesling; likeable color, accessible aroma, quiet, pleasant fruit, wonderfully juicy, good acidity, balanced wine, bright and full of character, lots of length (12%) € 11.95

Bopparder Hamm Riesling trocken Alte Reben, Matthias Müller, Mittelrhein, Germany 2020
These now almost 45-year-old 'Alte Reben' have very deep roots and produce less fruit than younger vines, which provides more concentration and minerality in the wine. Because their roots are deep and widely branched, there is a constant, though limited, supply of water and nutrients. As a result, these old vines produce a balanced consistent quality.
Riesling; lots of color, good filling in aroma and flavor, slight tingle on the tongue, well-matured fruit, broadly applicable gourmet wine (12.5%) € 14.95

Syrah, Castellucci Miano, IGP Terre Siciliane, Italy 2018
Once a cooperative, now 125 collaborating, passionate winemakers and a dedicated wine team led by Pierro Boffa and oenologist Tonino Guzzo. Their vineyard area covers a total of 75 hectares. Old vines (40-60 years) and bush vines are the guarantee for the preservation and protection of valuable biodiversity: small vineyard plots are interspersed with olives and orchards.
Syrah, vineyards at 400-500 m altitude, organic, volcanic soil with sand, clay and shale,10 months of wood aging; garnet color with small purple edge, friendly syrah notes, seductive attack, fruity and acidic, clean, correct filling and length (14.5%) € 14.95


To the only German candidate in the

Final sparkling Cat. A (up to € 20)

Bacharacher Riesling Sekt Brut, Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany 2017 Riesling, durable; quite light color, nicely developed aroma, balanced, lots of fruit, spritzy, good acidity, expressive, lots of length, elegant and very pleasant (12.5%) Pure Wine € 19.95