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Our summer wine box

Summer is coming and that's where our summer wine box comes in ! Fresh, fruity, lightly chilled or splashy fresh from the ice bucket ... we go for it!
  • About the wines in the box

    1. Vergel blanco, Bodega de Pinoso, Alicante Spain - Silver Mundus vini Intriguing, "clean " organically made wine from non-irrigated old vines Airen with Sauvignon Blanc. Harvested early in the morning to avoid oxidation of the grapes, and virtually without added sulfur. Tropical fruits (pineapple and guava) on the nose, lime and anise, white flowers, spicy and flavorful, well juicy, balanced, sweet fruit, plenty of acidity. Seems to have some refined wood, but it is not. Pleasantly dry finish. Pouring temperature: 8-10 °C Serve with fresh goat cheese, paella, chicken with lemon, and giant excitement with sauerkraut garni.

    2. Galil white viognier -sauvignon Upper Galilee Israel Gold Mundus vini At an altitude of 800 meters (guarantee of quiet ripening)and with a top layer of mainly slate, 5 vineyards each deliver distinctive and incredibly balanced mineral wines. Each vineyard has its own unique terroir and microclimate which allows winemaker Micha Vaadia to create astonishingly good blends. The Galil white consists of 90% viognier and 10% sauvignon blanc. The creaminess of the viognier combined with the beautiful acidity of the sauvignon blanc. Silky velvety texture with notes of white peach, green plum and melon with some citrus blossom in the background, rounded off with a pleasant harmonious acidity. Pouring temperature: 8-10 °C Serve with Soft cream cheese, charcuterie; chicken, white meat, vegetarian, white fish, tuna & swordfish, spicy oriental

    3. Riesling Kalkstein trocken Gustavshof Rheinhessen, 100% riesling- Gold medal Biomillesime FairThe Roll family has strived for generations to make area- and grape-typical wines. Wines that reflect the terroir and character of the grape. They work biodynamically and vegan and use as little sulfur as possible. This fruity, dry Riesling from mineral limestone soil "Riesling Kalkstein" won gold at bio millesime 2019!Aromas of apples and peaches, mild acidity, fruity lingering flavor.Pouring temperature: 8-10 °C Serve with white fish, salmonidae, chicken, rabbit, vegetarian, rice Asian, curries, cheese soft and creamy

    4. Vergel Rosado, Bodegas Pinoso, Valencia, Spain Winemaker Anna Amat uses only native yeasts, works organically and vegan and without compromise. Provence colored rose from 100% organically grown non-irrigated old vine Monastrell (Mourvedre) grapes, hand-picked in the early morning. Authentic, incomparable, distinctive and made virtually without the addition of sulfur. Unique wine with very own character exotic nose, velvety mild fresh elegant and lively with long finish. Serve at 8-10 C Our Vergel rose is the gastronomic topperof this summer: Gazpacho with mozzarella and tomatoes; green asparagus with iberico ham; Moroccan chicken, salads, white meat, cold cuts but also as an aperitif and .. a real surprise with many cheeses : Cabri Ariegéoi; Delice de Bourgogne; Tomme de Chèvre; Le vrais Vaudois; Comté; Wild Meadow old; Mothais sur feuille; Persillé de Malzieu; Shropshire Blue; Gorgonzola Dolce

    5. Le Naturel, Bodegas Aroa, Navarre Spain: organic & without added sulfite Bodegas Aroa (anno 1998 ) is located in the highest elevations of Navarre. Le Naturel , from !00% garnacha grapes is made organically with a light "maceration" , without clarification or filtering and ..without added sulfite ! The wine should therefore be drunk young. Taste: Fresh black currant juice with sweet notes of ripe cherries, ripe plums and blackberries cloves, red bell pepper and some caramel. Pouring temperature: 8-10 °C Serve with: canard a l orange; pasta; red meat, lamb, pork, chicken, rabbit, (feather)game; soft creamy cheeses, hard cheeses, nail and cumin; tartelette with fruit and stinky cheese; or lightly chilled as a red summer ( lunch ) wine! Comments: "My party animal wine"; wrote Nicolaas Klei in Elsevier, and in ZIN magazine: "my Spaniard of the year". Harold Hamersma panel in t Parool gave "le naturel " the highest score.

    6 Beyra tinto, Rui Roboreda Madeira, DOC Beira InteriorPortugal - Silver and Gold Mundus Vini Kind of virtual combination of a (Spanish) Rioja & Bierzo but from North East Portugal, where they are known as Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) and Jaen (Mencia). Young wine to drink with 12 months of aging on stainless steel tank. The high altitude at 700 m above sea level preserves freshness; the granite and schist/slate soils give elegant wines with refined, discreet minerality and fruity aromas of berries and herbs. Pleasant mouth-filling fruity elegance and discreet minerality. Berry spice and long finish Pouring temperature: 16-18 C Serve with:Appetizers; red meat, lamb, pork; Mediterranean cuisine/pasta/pasta; hard cheese