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Wine Seafood Box

We live - there we are grateful for- . and we raise our glasses! In that context, we apply the credo "Bibo ergo sum" I drink (wine)- therefore I am!
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    1Dama del Lago Verdejo Rueda, Spain
    Winemaker Ángel Calleja belongs to the first batch of winemakers who graduated from the "Vidschool of Madrid." Cuatro Rayas' Verdejo grapes come from typical terraced vineyards with very poor soils of sand and clay.
    The high concentration of cobbles and sand in the upper soil layers creates a warm soil that makes the wines nicely accessible with shrouded acidity.
    Soft and fresh with fennel, green apple and banana, nice bouncy fruit, a bit richer in the finish.
    Serving temperature: : 8-10 °C
    Delicious with: Salmonidae, vbsalmon with asparagus;sushi, white fish, seafood, shellfish, shrimp bisque; Thai beef salad

    2 Le Quartier Chardonnay, IGP Vin de Pays d'Oc, France (9+ Volkskrant)
    Our House Chardonnay is a type of Burgundy with juice and touch of wood. A quarter was fermented and aged on wood, the rest was made on fruit on stainless steel.
    Stylishly soft taste with notes of ripe peach almond and some toasted wood, just as Chardonnay is meant to be. Onno Kleijn gave the wine a 9+ in the Volkskrant
    Serving temperature: : 8-10 °C
    Delicious with: White fish vb cod with creamy chicory and coarse mustard; crustaceans; shellfish, vb scallops with leeks and Noilly Prat; salmonids, spicy oriental, but also delicious with poultry, pasta, goat cheese and ripe, creamy white cheese

    3Picpoul de Pinet Villa des Croix Claude Serra Languedoc France(Decanter 2018 Outstanding 95 Points)
    Delicious organically made Mediterranean fish wine from southern France from 100% Picpoul grapes. From an ideal on an east-facing slate plateau around the Bassin de Thau. Deliciously juicy, versatile, with hints of orange peel, citrus and flowers; fresh lively mineral and thirst-quenching in taste with surprisingly long finish.
    Serving temperature: : 8-10 °C
    Delicious with: : Oysters, lobster, seafood, shrimp, clam and bisque/fish soup, fennel and Mediterranean fish.

    4 Alma de Blanco, Adegas Pazo do Tapias, Monterrei, Spain
    Mild Godello. Internationally grossing in medals. Delicious balance between sweet and acid. Flowers, pear, lime and fennel. A true gastronomic chameleon and divinely delicious! Decanter 2017 "trouvaille!" Started its wine career as house wine of The Librije ***
    Serving temperature: : 8-10 °C
    Delicious with.: lobster (with basil butter),pasta, ( hussar) salad; caesar,crudité, mozzarella; shellfish/crustaceans e.g.: Scallops with leeks and noilly prat, tuna soy andwasabi, gambas, salmon, bacalao, taleggio with kataifiand tomato sauce

    Vergel blanco, Bodega de Pinoso, Alicante Spain € 7,95
    Intriguing, organically made wine from non-irrigated old vines Airen with
    5% Sauvignon Blanc. Winemaker Ana Amat harvests early to prevent oxidation
    to, she uses autochthonous (grape's own) yeasts and allows the wine to ferment at low temperature
    giving you those area typical characteristics in the wine. Harmonious flavorful juicy wine with tropical sweet fruit like pineapple and guava, some lime and anise, white flowers nice spiciness (ginger clove nutmeg) and plenty of acidity. Seems to have some refined wood, but it doesn't. Pleasantly dry finish. Virtually no sulfite added.
    Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.
    Delicious with fresh goat cheese, paella, chicken with lemon, and giant exciting with sauerkraut garni

    6Quinta do Regueiro. Vinho Regional do Minho, Portugal
    Winemaker Paolo Rodrigues makes irresistibly delicious "Vinho Verde" from Alvarinho and Trajadura grapes at his mini winery. Delicious, pure, subtle and elegant. Broad and juicy with in the aroma white fruits (pear peach and citrus) and flowers. The Alvarinho grape lends lively freshness to the gently aromatic, powerful and intense Trajadura grape through its beautiful acidity.
    Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.
    Delicious with:Brandade, almost all fish, salmon with asparagus, squid with peppers from the grill, Plaice with ravigotte, raw shellfish, dashi, chicken