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Wine box Israel

This PUUR WINE box takes you to the land of "Wine and Honey" where the oldest wine cellar in the world has been found and where an original Byzantine wine press can still be admired on the grounds of Galil Mountain winery.

  • About the wines in the Israel box

    1. Viognier, Yiron Vineyard, Galil Mountain winery Upper Galilee Israel
    Kosher & Kosher for Passover, certified sustainable and vegan.
    Situated at 800 meters altitude (guaranteeing quiet ripening) and topped with mainly slate, 5 vineyards each deliver distinctive and incredibly balanced mineral wines. Each vineyard has its own unique terroir and microclimate which allows winemaker Micha Vaadia to create amazingly good blends. Here tradition and technological know-how go hand in hand. An inspiring and much awarded selection! High-level Viognier. Nicely balanced with elegant texture and long "mouthwatering" finish. Partially fermented on wood. Blossom, wildflowers, apricot, nectarine, white peach, melon, citrus, lime. Mouth-filling, creamy, spicy and elegant. Nice dry finish and good tension. Kosher and Kosher for Passover but mostly very tasty! Remarkable how long this wine lasts after opening: weeks!
    Pouring temperature: 8-10 °C
    Serve with: Risotto, spicy Asian dishes; Fish: Spicy ceviche, grilled salmon with Hollandaise sauce, cod with waterzooi; dishes with lobster, saffron, tuna & swordfish. Meat: Charcuterie; sweetbreads with chanterelles and celery; confit of duck Vega: Dutch asparagus, ragout of asparagus with morels and spring vegetables, carpaccio of eggplant fried in oil or with a soft creamy cheese


    ALON White, Galil Mountain Winery, Upper Galilee, Israel

    Kosher & Kosher for Passover, certified sustainable and vegan.

    75% Viognier, 18% Sauvignon Blanc and 7% Chardonnay grapes. About 40% of the wine ferments in French oak, "so barrelfermented" and then matures for another three months. Aromas of ripe pear and apple pie with refreshing notes of mint and citrus. Round and creamy with nice fresh acidity

    Pouring temperature:12-14°C

    Serve with: Fried white fish and scallops, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian cuisine such as curries, falafel and hummus

    3. Rosé du Castel, Domaine du Castel, Judean Hills Israel
    Kosher and Kosher for Passover
    Domaine du Castel is located 15 km west of Jerusalem, on land leased from the kibbutz.Eli Ben Zaken is one of the pioneers of modern Israeli viticulture. He planted several vines of cabernet sauvignon and merlot next to his home in the Judean Hills as an experiment in 1988 and achieved immediate international success with his first 1992 vintage. Classic Bordeaux and Burgundy are great examples. The altitude (700 mtr) regulates cooling and therefore the preservation of freshness in the grapes; the rainfall ( 700 ml) makes irrigation almost unnecessary. The most important quality factor, however, is the density at which the vines are planted. ( 6700 / ha , three times more than normal )
    Rosé du Castel is a blend of early picked merlot, malbec and cabernet franc that is quickly pressed, has short skin contact and ferments at low temperature. Light and fresh in flavor, but surprising with its red fruit and citrus. Very gastronomic. Testschrift June 2018: 9- Ripe fruit, tight, fairly dry, good balance, good filling, juicy, quirky, surprise, nice meal rosé (13.5% alc.).
    Pouring temperature: 8° C
    Serve with: Meats, white fish, tuna & swordfish, white meat, soft creamy cheese, chicken, vegetarian, spicy oriental, mullet with barigoule; piquillo peppers with stuffing of brandade

    4. Cabernet Sauvignon, Galil Mountain winery, Upper Galilee, Israel
    Kosher and Kosher for Passover and certified sustainable.
    Finalist Proefschrift wine competition 2015! Wine from Israel: A bit of both worlds. Old World or New World - it has something of both. Nice mouthfeel, cassis, cherry-like, light confiture, spicy underpinnings, intense aromas, good tension and fraîcheur, delicious meal wine (14% alc.) Medium bodied, nicely digestible with long finish. Serving temperature: 16°C. Serve with: Meal wine; oriental; lamb; red meat and cheese.

    5. Syrah, Galil Mountain winery, Upper Galilee, Israel
    Kosher and Kosher for Passover and certified sustainable.
    Old or New World - in fact, we are talking about the Stick Old World here. Made on temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruit aspect. Salty soft, remarkably juicy fruit (ripe black plums, cherries, crème de cassis) with delicate in the background some mint and tobacco. Medium bodied, nicely digestible with long finish. Serving temperature:16°C. Serve with: Exotic dishes, lamb, red meat and cheese.

    6. ELA Elyon, Galil Mountain Winery, Upper Galilee, Israel.
    Kosher and Kosher for Passover and certified sustainable.
    Best red wine EN 2018 & GOLD MUNDUS VINI 2019
    What a surprise. Exciting, balanced, highly successful annually changing blend of Syrah Barbera Grenache Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium filling with nice ripe fruit like plum and sour cherry complemented by violets, blossom and spices and hint of wood ( 1 year aging in French oak). Nice and creamy with fresh acidity and uplifting long finish. Serving temperature16 -18 °C Serve with: White meat, rabbit, red meat, lamb, soft creamy cheese, chicken, pasta/pasta, (feather) game, all cheeses and great with cheese plate nut bread.