Tinedo Cala 1 Bio 2019

Tinedo Cala 1 has an attractive purple cherry hue with blue reflections.On the nose it is expressive and well defined with aromas of blue flowers, cherries and strawberries and a slight hint of chocolate notes and spices like licorice. In the mouth it has a good attack, powerful with good tannin balance and volume.

  • About Tinedo

    The Alvarez-Arenas family's Tinedo estate is ideal for sustainable viticulture. Viticulture has been in the family since 1846. Hereditary is what it's called! The last generation has placed ecological, social and cultural responsibility at the forefront. The goal of winemaking is to obtain organic, balanced and complex wines through a vineyard that completes its organic cycle.

    The farm is divided into 30 plots that are managed independently, based on the type of wine being produced. The determining factors are terroir and type of vine. Winemaker Manuel chooses to minimize contact between the fermenting grapes and oxygen. Because of the high temperature, he harvests at night and uses cooling equipment and CO2 ice to control temperatures during the winemaking process. Part of the wine is fermented in 10,000-liter cement tanks and part in double-row 20,000-liter stainless steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation takes place for the most part in the cement tanks and a small portion in wooden barrels according to the type of wine. The aging of the wine is stabilized naturally without filtration. A special feature of this estate is that it never uses chemical pesticides, is CO2 neutral and uses only solar energy.