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Many wines from the PUUR WIJN assortment are chosen from the inspiration we get from our cooperation with the kitchen of our Boutique Hotel & Fish Restaurant PUUR ZEE. More and more wines are selected, together with master chef Imko Binnerts, on wine tours and then imported especially for PUUR ZEE. This creates a very fine synergy between the dishes of PUUR ZEE and the wines of PUUR WIJN.


    Bacharacher Riesling Sekt Brut, Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany 2017
    Riesling; lively aroma and taste aromas, fruity fresh aroma, fine mousse, nice acidity, fine bitterness makes the taste richer, nice juice, good bite, elegant, very accessible and pleasant, good value for money (12.5%)

    Board: our amuses; oysters, asparagus, oriental but also cheese : wild meadow and barisien!


    Bopparder Hamm Riesling trocken Alte Reben, Matthias Müller, Mittelrhein, Germany 2020
    Riesling; correct appearance, aroma with predominantly white fruit, slightly spritzy onset, nice acidity, well ripe fruit, balanced and elegant, slim, direct style, fine length (12.5%)

    Delicious witheel soup; crab a la Waldorf, asparagus

    Miano Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Valledolmo Contea di Sclafani, Italy 2021
    Cattarratto; quite light in color, striking pear fruit in aroma and taste, lively acidity, clean, transparent, in addition to acidity a slight bitterness, elegant wine with length

    (12%) Store- 2023 Serve 10-12C

    Tartare of marinated tuna with slightly gelling shiitake broth, ginger yuzu; Dishes with present acidity; ceviche; fish soup; seafood; elegant fish dishes; lobster caprese style

    Steeger St. Jost Riesling trocken VDP Erste Lage, Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany 2019
    Riesling; fine color, elegant nose, nice clean fruit, good acidity, balanced, fine minerals, attractive, good length. Remarkable density in terms of structure (12.5%) Store -2025 Serve 8-10 C

    Scallop with Jerusalem artichoke truffle and crumble of Iberico, asparagus, turbot with beurre blanc ginger and yuzu


    Gabriele Palmas, Cannonau di Sardegna, Italy 2020
    lightly developed color and aroma, pleasant aromas, nicely aged attack, tension, nice spiciness, good acidity, slightly briny, nicely developed, light

    (14.5%) Store -2026 Serve 15-17 C

    Grilled chicken Portuguese style; Piece of Iberico; Marinated lamb chop; Various cheeses : triple creme, frenchie and knife pendant. Pasta and risotto dishes; truffle dishes; meditation

    Nero d'Avola, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy 2020

    Nero d'Avola; fiery color, recognizable aromas of the grape, lined fragrance range, slightly mousy and stalky, intense, ripened dark fruit, very fruity in attack, lively acidity, nice juice, clean, good tension and balance, refreshing

    (14%) Store -2025 Serve 15-17 C

    Tuna; Quail from the grill with rosemary; Lamb chops with anchovy butter; Blood sausage; Harder Italian cheeses; Laguiole, Shiriboga; Spicy sausages