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Holiday Month Box with 12 wines

Review writes :

Pure Wine has clearly gone its own way, with a number of other perennial favorites in its portfolio in addition to specializing in wines from Israel. The assortment is characterized by honest, elegant wines without make-up that also work well in gastronomy. They are all carefully selected and for the most part very accessible, even when it comes to the price tag. Together, Cathy Moerdijk and Imko Binnerts form a couple with exceptional wine and food qualities.

In this box, the good to very good wines coming from the Italian islands of Sicily (5) and Sardinia (3) particularly stand out. The red wines are ideal for gastronomy: enticing, filling and full of character with good fraîche.

  • German Sparkling

    Bacharacher Riesling Sekt Brut, Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany
    Riesling; lively aromas, fruity fresh nose, fine mousse, nice acidity, fine bitterness makes the taste richer, nice juice, good bite, elegant, very accessible and pleasant, good value for money. (12.5%) 92 pt Falstaff

    Amuses; oysters and much more ( oriental too !)

    German white

    Ratzenberger Bacharacher Riesling Trocken Ortswein Mittelrhein Germany

    Salty soft, pure and clean. Area typical mineral spiciness with wonderfully fresh lively acidity. Clean wine. Digestively challenging and ..delicious.

    Nose Fine citrus notes in the nose, ripe green apple, vineyard peach and jasmine blossom

    Palate Wonderfully fresh vibrant acidity that perfectly matches the aromatic richness.

    Serve 12 C ( not too cold ! ) ...Our Super feathery summer wine 2022

    (12% ) 91 p Falstaff

    Food: Wine for every day; appetizers; crab; asparagus ; plaice with yuzu / ginger

    Steeger St. Jost Riesling trocken VDP Erste Lage, Ratzenberger, Mittelrhein, Germany
    Riesling; nice color, elegant nose, nice clean fruit, good acidity, balanced, fine minerals, nice intensity
    attractive, good length

    (12.5%) 92 pt Falstaff

    Court: scallops with Jerusalem artichoke and truffle; asparagus; lobster; turbot beurre blanc with ginger and yuzu

    Rheinriesling trocken,
    Matthias Müller, Mittelrhein, Germany

    Incredibly fine expression of the grape. Fine fresh, almost crisp juicy fruit like apple, citrus, peach, pineapple and apricot. In the aroma also something of flowers. Lively, tight and pure and very fine structure.

    Balanced glass with ragged acidity and mineral notes. (12%) €11.95

    Super in combo with Simon Balm's smoked eel, with asparagus, but also delicious plain, without anything !

    Bopparder Hamm, Riesling trocken Alte Reben VDP Ortswein, Matthias Müller, Mittelrhein, Germany

    Riesling; correct appearance, aroma with mostly white fruit, slightly spritzy attack, nice acidity, good ripe fruit, balanced and elegant, slim, direct style, fine length

    Eel soup; appetizers (12.5%)

    Italy white

    Miano Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Valledolmo Contea di Sclafani, Italy
    Cattarratto; quite light in color, striking pear fruit in aroma and taste, lively acidity, clean, transparent, in addition to acidity a slight bitterness, elegant wine with length. (12%)

    Oosterschelde lobster a la caprese, Tartare of marinated tuna in lightly gelatinized shiitake broth ginger yuzu; ceviche; asparagus

    Shiara Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy

    Catarratto; beautiful yellow color, filling aromas of the grape, calm and balanced, particularly tasty, spritzy acids, subtle bitters, fine development, gourmet wine pur sang, special combination of fruit and acidity (13.5%)

    Tataki tuna with truffle broth and various preparations of radish; truffle ...

    Solotredici, Gabriele Palmas, Vermentino di Sardegna, Italy
    Vermentino; yellow-green appearance, clean vermentino aroma, pleasant onset, filling ripe fruit, lively, good acidity, hint of fennel, elegant and straightforward, briny, slight spiciness, uplifting. (13,5%)

    Lobster, cod with eggplant puree and salsify, sauce pearl barley with sherry vinegar; plaice with eggplant puree and zucchini sauce with thyme; artichokes

    Tasting Notes Italian RedThese reds are ideal for gastronomy: seductive, filling and full of character with good fraîche. To be served as a meal companion or simply on its own.

    More wine pairing suggestions can be found by swiping to the wine itself :) on our website

    Gabriele Palmas, Cannonau di Sardegna, Italy
    Cannonau; lightly developed color and aroma, pleasant aromas, nice aged attack, tension, nice spiciness, good acidity, slightly salty, nicely developed, light truffle note, nice balance (14.5%)

    Cabernet, Gabriele Palmas, Alghero, Italy

    Cabernet Sauvignon; fiery color, aroma still infused, warm and brooding in aroma and flavor, ripe dark fruit, hint of chocolate, lively acidity, slightly briny, noticeable tannin, nicely developed, (14.5%)

    Nero d'Avola, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy
    Nero d'avola; fiery color, recognizable aromas of the grape, clad fragrance range, slightly mousy and stalky, intense, ripened dark fruit, very fruity on the palate, lively acidity, nice juice, clean, good tension and balance, refreshing, (14%)

    Syrah, Castellucci Miano, IGP Terre Siciliane, Italy

    Syrah; garnet color with small purple edge, friendly syrah notes, enticing attack, fruity and acidic, clean, correct filling and length (14.5%)