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Mehofer Iuventus Gemischter Satz Bio 2021

Gemischter Satz describes a very traditional style of Austrian wine.Eight different grape varieties,carefully selected, harvested together and bottled directly.The result is a very individual, balanced and complex wine, derived from different stages of sugars and acidity of the grapes during harvest. Lots of ripe yellow fruit combined with floral hints. Youthful freshness with lots of fruit and flair.

  • About the vineyard

    Mehofer has been making wine from organically grown grapes since 1992. The Mehofer family has integrated organic working into their way of life. When renovating the 200-year-old cellars, moisture regulation and airflow treatment were taken into account. The insulation was not achieved artificially but with cellulose. Fungal diseases are a major problem in European vineyards. Since these diseases do not come from inside, but from outside, they must also be controlled externally. Mildew occurs in different ways depending on the weather. Organic viticulture also does not function without protection. The big difference between working biodynamically and not is in the nature of the protection and the means used. Mehofer uses plant extracts (horsetail, fennel), baking soda, silicates, sulfur and copper to combat these diseases. Currently, Mehofer is experimenting with PIWI grape varieties, crosses between, for example, grüner veltliner and an American variety, which are resistant to fungal diseases. Zweigelt, a typical Austrian grape, is one of the two wines from Mehofer that we offer in a liter bottle (see also grüner veltliner under white). It is a wonderfully uncomplicated no-harvest year liter (!) wine under a screw cap. Fresh, fruity and very kindly priced. Hubrecht Duijker proclaimed it find of the month in September 2013: You could call it a superior slobber wine, the liter Zweigelt '1 Schluck, 1000 Ideen'. Because this red Austrian pleasantly features fresh fruit (berries plus black fruits), a touch of bay leaf, a hint of paprika, a little spice and lots of juice (source: Pieter Nijdam wrote in the Telegraph about Mehofer 1Liter wines: we tasted the newest addition: '1 Schluck, 1000 Ideen' and 'Achtung... fertig... löss!!!' reads the label of this Zweigelt from Weingut Mehofer of Wagram, Lower Austria One liter of unashamed dragging, that's what you do with this red boy. Made purely on the fruit: black cherries and ripe plums with a touch of laurel. Drink it lightly chilled and you have a super wine! Also top reviews by Harold Hamersma and omfietsworthy according to Nicolaas Klei. Also extensively on TV at the keuringsdienst.
    • Druif

      Muscat ottonell, sylvaner, neuburger, traminer, gelber muskateller, Frühroter veltliner, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc

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      Wagram, Oostenrijk

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      Romige soep, gebakken witvis, ceasar salade, kip met romige saus of tandoori

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      Fris, evenwichtig & complex

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