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Mehofer Chardonnay Beerenauslese Bio 2017 - 0.5L

Chardonnay Beerenauslese has aromas of ripe green and yellow fruits, apple, pear and quince in the nose and on the palate. In the noseclear honey notes and a hint of clove.Elegant on the palate with a nice balance of sugars and acidity.
  • About the vineyard

    Mehofer has been making wine from organically grown grapes since 1992. The Mehofer family has integrated organic work into their way of life. The renovation of the 200-year-old cellars took moisture control and airflow treatment into account. The insulation was not made artificially, but with cellulose. Fungal diseases are a major problem in European vineyards. Since these diseases do not come from inside, but from outside, they must also be controlled from outside. Mildew occurs in different ways, depending on the weather. Even organic viticulture does not function without protection. The major difference between working biodynamically and working non-biodynamically is in the nature of the protection and the means used. Mehofer uses plant extracts (horsetail, fennel), baking soda, silicates, sulfur and copper to combat these diseases. Mehofer is currently experimenting with PIWI grape varieties, crosses between, for example, grüner veltliner and an American variety, which are resistant to fungal diseases.
    • Druif


    • Jaartal


    • Herkomst

      Wagram, Oostenrijk

    • Lekker bij

      Dessert met tropisch fruit, roomijs, creme brulee, amandel

    • Smaakprofiel

      Zoet & Harmonieus

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    • Inhoud

      12 % - 0.5 L