Mario Giribaldi Gavi i Risi Alma 2021

Gavi i Risi has a straw yellow color, full of pale green reflections in the glass. It has a full and fresh aroma, with fruity notes that mix pleasantly with those of green and grass. Full and round on the palate, with a discreet structure with clean hints of exotic fruit and golden apple.
This Gavi comes from the area of Gavi, from a vineyard of 0.8 Ha and the second in Novi Ligure, of 1.6 Ha. Both have a southwest exposure at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level. The area is slightly hilly, the soil is marl - calcareous. These vineyards are composed exclusively of Cortese, these grapes are of Italian origin.
The grapes undergo gentle pressing and cold decantation for 24 hours. Then 90% of the must undergoes fermentation at a controlled temperature between 18 and 20 ° C, for 50 days. Followed by resting on its own yeasts for another 80 days. The other 10% of the must is fermented in wooden barrels. After 90 days, it is added to the 90%. Once assembled, the wine rests in the bottle for 2 months.

  • About the Winery

    Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi has been around for three generations. It really is a family business, one big family of ten people who every day, proud of their land, share the passion for their own work in the vineyards.

    Mario speaking: "The quality of the grape that arrives at our winery during harvest is fundamental: from spring to autumn, it is the climate that sets the rules. All we can do is follow the weather and decide what to do in the vineyard to give our vines the maximum attention and care and make sure the buds grow as well as possible. The work in the cellar is very traditional, the use of modern technology helps us maintain the high quality of the grapes." So the family works organically because it fits into their philosophy and not to follow a market trend.

    They started growing grapes organically in 2001 and obtained their first certification in 2004. This makes them one of the first organic wine producers. At the time, the word "organic" was used in the wrong context. When making organic wine, they also talk about the use of sulfites. In certified organic wines, a reduced sulfite content is guaranteed. It is now clear that this chemical has been abused in the past and that one can easily have a sulfite level below 100 mg/l without any risk to the maturation and longevity of the wine.

    • Druif


    • Jaartal


    • Herkomst

      Piemonte, Italië

    • Lekker bij

      Lichte visgerechten als cheviche, schelp en schaaldieren, sushi en rijke salades met kip of vis

    • Smaakprofiel

      Rijp fruit, rond en discreet

    • Productiemethode


    • Inhoud

      12% - 0.75L