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The Loire Box

  • The LOIRE box


    La Brossette Sauvignon Blanc has on the nose notes of citrus combined with exotic fruit. The wine is supple and fruity on the palate and is balanced with a fresh mineral finish. It is a wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with seafood & fish dishes.

    Aging: Sur lie, regularly stirred in stainless steel tank
    Serving temperature 8-10C
    Aperitif, drinks, reception, oysters, fruits de mer, white fish, salmonidae, shellfish, crustaceans, rice
    Asian, goat cheese


    Fruity fresh and elegant and ... NEW!

    Acquired from a Japanese sommeliere with too big eyes ( commuting is a bit complicated Japan / France anyway ) but with foresight.

    Fragrance and taste of fresh red fruit, with chalky mineral notes. Balanced with silky tannins
    and supple texture. Soil of flint and clay. Vinification on tank
    Serving temperature 15C
    Delicious with: Charcuterie, hard and soft cheeses, fried white fish with jus de veau, roast chicken and pork.

    3 Reuilly blanc Denis Jamain "les Fossiles " ... Hamersma 9

    Fresh, fruity and mineral. Leading Reuilly and also the only one working BIO/ BD.

    The unique kimmeridgien soil (limestone marl plateau ) contains many fossils and gives a lot of minerality and
    a very individual character to the wine
    Subdued, modest, elegant nose. Tones of flint grapefruit acacia and green asparagus
    Super refined. Crisp pure and fresh, powerful with lots of juice and minerality, fine acids and wonderful
    balance sweet/sour
    Serving temperature 15-16 C
    Good as an aperitif, with almost all fish dishes, mussels, fruits de mer and goat cheese.

    4 Reuilly blanc Denis Jamain " les Chenes" ....Hamersma 9

    Rich Sauvignon Blanc with good structure and striking complexity
    Camille Rousseau, grandfather of Denis Jamain planted the first Sauvignon Blanc vine in his
    2ha vineyard in 1935. At that time, the vineyards in Reuilly were devastated by Phylloxera and not very in
    demand. Yet the man believed in the terroir of Reuilly...what a visionary !

    Blanc Les Chenes has great aromatic intensity of quince and vanilla. The wine is rich, well
    structured, with flavors of quince and stewed yellow fruit. Complexity coupled with good concentration. The old vines (40 years) give a lot of character to the wine. The grapes come from the Pierres-Plates plots in the middle of the hills. The terroir consists of clay and limestone containing fossils of shellfish from the Loire River. Manual harvest. Malolactic fermentation and 1 year aging in French oak barrels (25% new, 25% 1 year, 25% 2 years and 25% 3 years old). Denis personally selects the bicentennial oaks eventually used to make the barrels for aging his white, rosé and red cuvees called "Le Chenes de mon grand-per"; my grandfather's oaks.

    Storage potential: 5 to 10 years.
    Serving temperature 8-10 C
    Delicious with Baked white fish with beurre noissette poultry with cream sauce, grilled green vegetables and
    cheeses with character.

    5 Reuilly Rouge les Fossiles Denis Jamain

    Fruity, harmonious and elegant with a long finish: A TRUE PINOT NOIR

    Great aromatic intensity with aromas of red fruits like sour cherries and blackcurrants. Lots of flavor
    of red fruit and licorice. Soft well-integrated tannins.
    Denis Jamain deliberately chooses organic farming and biodynamics to manage the

    Storage potential: 5 to 10 years.
    Serving temperature 16 C.
    Delicious with Poultry, veal and pork, dishes with mushrooms and grilled green vegetables.

    6 Reuilly Rouge Les ChénesDenis Jamain ... Hamersma 9-

    Rich, well-structured pinot noir with a long finish.
    garnet red. Great aromatic intensity with scents of red fruits like raspberries and blackcurrant in
    combination with hints of caramel and vanilla. Velvety in the mouth with notes of black currant,
    blackberries, caramel and tobacco. A rich wine, well structured with a lingering finish.
    Aged on "Les Chenes de mon grand-pere". His grandfather's 200-year-old oak trees:
    Denis also manages a family forest 15 kilometers from Reuilly with trees known for the
    production of staves destined for oak barrels. Their growth is very slow which produces a fine grain
    , essential for a good osmosis of the wine's tannins with the wood.
    He personally selects the oak trees that will be used to make the barrels in which
    his white, rose and red cuvees called "Le Chenes de mon grand-pere" will age

    Serving temperature 15-16 C
    With: Poultry with jus brun, dishes with mushrooms, grilled pork and vegetables.