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Leclerc Briant Champagne Rosé Brut Bio 2016 - Magnum 1.5L

A brilliant, flowing and shimmering pale pink color, flecked with salmon pink flecks in the depths of the glass with a vibrant stream of tiny bubbles creates a delicate ring of mousse at the top of the glass. A visual delight that promises a wonderfully fresh and complex win.
The first aromas on the nose are of raspberry, wild strawberry, pink grapefruit. acacia blossom and peony with hints of anise and mint. After breathing for a while, the wine reveals scents of black currant, peach, passion fruit and an intoxicating scent of roses combined with creamy chalk, peeled almonds and licorice.
On the palate, the first sensation is smooth and fresh with a soft and creamy effervescence followed by a soft, fleshy fruitiness supported by the sharp citrus degree. The mid palate is round with a mineral quality that brings out both chalky and marl and has breadth, fruitiness and a distinct crispness combined with salt and length on the palate. It only takes a few seconds for the full depth of this Champagne to come through, nicely balanced between an umami freshness and an intense sense of ripe fruit plus a slight hint of spice, all of which make this an ideal aperitif Champagne. The finish, with its perfectly judged dosage, leaves a juicy fruitiness and a hint of salt. Set in an ever-changing swirl of freshness that points to the extreme care and attention given to this Champagne Rosé Brut at every stage of its creation far back in the vineyards.

  • About Leclerc Briant

    The house of Leclerc Briant is one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Champagne. Back in the late 1950s, Bertrand Leclerc spread the word about it within his family and put it into practice in his vineyards. It was his son Pascal, Leclerc's fifth generation, who set to work obtaining the first full certifications. A deep respect for nature and terroirs has always been paramount at Leclerc Briant. Now all vineyard plots are certified organic and biodynamic.

    Founded in 1872 by Lucien Leclerc in the village of Cumières, the company moved to its current premises on the Chemin de la Chaude Ruelle in Epernay in 1955. Thanks to the dynamism of Bertrand Leclerc, the great-grandson of the founder and of his wife Jacqueline Briant, the company changed at that time to the status of "Maison de Négoce" (or trading house). This allowed them to process fruit from vineyards not owned by them.

    In 2012, following the death of Pascal Leclerc, the house Leclerc Briant was saved from oblivion when it was acquired by Mark Nunelly and Denise Dupré. This American couple loves the French "art de vivre. The couple instantly fell in love with Leclerc Briant's non-conformist character. They are joined by Frédéric Zeimett, born in Champagne, who has since steered the house to the highest standards. Previously, Frédéric gained experience at Moët & Chandon and was introduced to biodynamics at Michel Chapoutier in the Rhone.

    New Leclerc Briant owner Denise Dupré immediately took a bold approach by purchasing 14 hectares of Premier Cru vineyards. All are certified organic and cultivated biodynamically. The annual production of this small house is around 130,000 bottles. All Champagnes also have the vegan seal of approval. One specializes on the production of 'single vineyard' Champagnes, always with vintage.

    • Druif

      95% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Noir

    • Jaartal


    • Herkomst

      Epernay, Frankrijk

    • Lekker bij

      Aperitief, kreeft, witvis, gedroogde ham, carpaccio

    • Smaakprofiel

      Soepel, fris en zacht romig

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    • Inhoud

      12 % - 1.5 L