D'Oliveiras Madeira 10 Years Sweet - 0.5L

This very distinctive Madeira has a great balance between sweetness and smoothness on the palate, with a very fine structure and bouquet and a lingering pleasant finish. It is a rich and noble Madeira, ideal at the end of a dinner, either with dessert, or with coffee, or as a digestif on its own and always served at room temperature. It has undergone a maturation period of ten years in old oak barrels. During storage, the bottle should be kept upright during storage, away from sunlight and protected from extreme heat and cold. As a result of many years in the bottle, a natural sediment forms, it may therefore be necessary to decant the wine.
  • About D'Oliveiras

    The founders of D'Oliveiras were visionaries who recognized the true value of Madeira wine: its ability to age over time to improve its flavor and intensity. Therefore, they began to store as much Madeira wine as possible and slowly age it in the barrels so that future generations could enjoy it.

    D'Oliveiras is the only Madeira wine company that owns bottles and barrels of Madeira wine dating back to 1850 and still available for purchase.

    D'Oliveiras currently owns 5 fully restored century-old buildings in the center of Funchal, storing more than 1 million liters of Madeira wine. All of these buildings have their unique stories and some have even housed other old Madeira wineries that were acquired by D'Oliveiras. All these buildings are open for tours and let you see, smell, feel and taste the Madeira wine and its whole story.

    Other vintages available upon request. Oldest vintage is 1850.

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      Tinta Negra, Malvasia

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      Funchal, Portugal

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      19 % - 0.5 L