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Imko Binnerts and Cathy Moerdijk – Puur Zee, Wijk aan Zee

Gastronomic synergy, that is what Imko Binnerts and Cathy Moerdijk stand for. One is a chef with an impressive culinary CV, the other a hostess, sommelier and importer with a special focus on wines that have something to say. The wealth of knowledge and experience that both have built up over the past decades come together according to the formula 1 + 1 = 3 at their restaurant Puur Zee in Wijk aan Zee. Here, the wines that Cathy herself imports with Pure Wine are a major source of inspiration for the quirky (often fish) dishes that Imko and his team conjure up on the table. Few other chefs in our country understand the art of combining dishes and wines so well. He knows almost intuitively how to raise the level of dish and wine to the top, without using all kinds of extra ingredients or complex preparations. On the other hand, it is just as well Imko's cooking style that provides Cathy with starting points to expand her wine range. PUUR WIJN  introduces you to wines that surprise and appeal: balanced wines that bring the wine region, grape and winemaker to life in the glass and are also able to enrich a dish.