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08 May 2020

Cathy Moerdijk judge at The Decanter World Wine Awards

We are proud to announce that Cathy Moerdijk recently served as a judge at the prestigious "The Decanter World Wine Awards". The reasoning of the organisation for this was short and, above all, powerful!

CATHY MOERDIJK- Jury Member - The Decanter World Wine Awards

After finishing grammar school and studying classical languages at the University of Amsterdam, Cathy entered the world of gastronomy and wines, never to leave again. Cathy believes that wine means culture, a passion reflected in her studies; it means social connexions: the most important private or political decisions are taken during a meal enjoying a glass of wine; and it means hedonism: the gift of enjoying the best things in life.

After almost 30 years of professional wine-life Cathy is well versed in how to manage a restaurant or how to open a wine bar. She obtained many awards of excellence for her wine selections. During her buying career she became "best wine buyer/personality" in Holland in 2010, “best wine importing company“ for the period between 2008-2014 and "leading Dutch wine lady 2015/6".

Cathy is always in search of yet undiscovered treasures : Croatia, Israel, and Luxemburg are countries one can find in her portfolio, at Besides that Cathy and her husband Masterchef Imko Binnerts own a small boutique hotel, fish restaurant and wine bar