Penley Estate Project E Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

"Beautifully fragrant, fresh and lively. This is a gentle expression of cabernet sauvignon. Black cherry, plum, licorice and a layer of dried herbs fill the nose with aromas. The palate is finely structured and intense in flavor. The texture of the tannins envelops a core of purple fruit and dark chocolate. Wrap yourself in an Arne Jacobsen "Egg" chair. All curves, flowing, soft and sexy. A cocoon of comfort and privacy. The perfect place to contemplate a glass of Project 'E' Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon." - Kate Goodman (winemaker)

The Project wines are a big part of Penley Estate's wine ideology. They are an opportunity to push boundaries and make something new. As such, Penley Estate is the first winery in Coonawarra to have used a concrete egg! The end result is otherworldly. The wine: a cabernet sauvignon fermented in a concrete egg, to be in contact with the skin for so long. 201 days to be exact. The concept of a concrete egg dates back to the 1900s and was inspired by the use of Roman amphora in the late 2nd century BC. The old technique, in a new format.

On April 25, 2019, whole berries went into the egg. The fermentation process creates heat which creates a flow, this encourages the wine to move. The egg shape (with no corners) is a huge bonus to this process and allows the wine to move more freely than in a barrel or tank. This also means a lot less intervention from the winemakers. The wine really takes on a life of its own and does not require regular punch-overs and toppings. The thick stone walls of the egg provide insulation, temperature control and it helps the fruit form. The very extensive maceration of 201 days helped to soften and layer the tannins while giving a wonderful texture to the wine.

The designer of the label; Bruna Vettori is an artist from Brazil. She is an economist with a creative soul. The label's design is an expression of contentment. There is life in all of us, just as there is life in this wine. The minimalist design brought together only by black ink tells a story of joy through wine. The artwork is also incorporated into the cork.

  • About Penley Estate

    Penley is an amalgamation of the Penfold and Tolley families. Both families had been in the wine business for a long time, but it wasn't until 1988 that the first scions purchased a piece of land and planted cabernet sauvignon on it. In 1989, they won gold with it at the Adelaide Wine Show and realized that winemaking should become their life's goal. The passion continued, and in 1995 an impressive estate was built that greatly increased the prestige of the wines. Penley Estate is a thoroughly Australian story that translates into accessible wines of superb quality.

    Penley Estate is one of Coonawarra's leading wineries and one of the best makers of cabernet-sauvignon, shiraz and red assemblages in the country. Penley Estate winemaker Kate Goodman (pictured center) is considered one of Australia's finest contemporary winemakers. Kate makes wines with freshness and vibrancy - seeking structure and expression of fruit - while maintaining the integrity of the varietal. All Penley wines are made from homegrown grapes and registered by The Vegan Society. Hans Loder looks after the quality of the grapes and vineyard. He is a master of his craft.

    Hans looks for balance and takes a very holistic approach to winemaking practices, seeking a balance between the soil and the vine.