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Lelouvier Le Cidre Brut

Lelouvier Cider de Normandy is a sparkling, fruity and refreshing drink. It is made from many different varieties of "cider" apples (more than 50 different varieties are often used). The bitter apples form the structure of the cider, the sweet apples give it its aromas while the sour apples give it finesse and freshness.

When the apples are ripe, they are crushed then pressed. The juice ferments until it reaches just over 4% alcohol. The cider is then bottled under pressure.

Drink Lelouvier Cider chilled at a temperature around 8°C.

  • About Lelouvier

    André Lelouvier was a wine and spirits merchant who started his own business in the town of Briouze, Normandy, in 1933. Shortly thereafter, he began aging Calvados and beer. In the 1960s, André Lelouvier was one of the leading -quality‖ experts on aged -year-old Calvados. In the 1970s, he founded "Calvados Lelouvier" with the intention of passing it on to one of his 11 children in the future. Eventually son Christian Lelouvier took over the helm until his death in 2016.

    Now it was the turn of 'young and upcoming superstar' Guillaume Drouin (August 1978) son of Christian Drouin, a top name in today's Calvados world.

    In the town of Domfront, the small but specialized trading house Comte Louis de Lauriston was taken over by 'young and upcoming superstar' Guillaume Drouin. When Christian Lelouvier died in 2016, Drouin took over that company as well and all activities were brought together in Domfront. Some 350 barrels of various sizes now mature there.

    A lot of work is done with used barrels from the wine world. These are first taken apart, cleaned and reassembled including the spectacular 'toasting' in which the inside of the barrel is toasted over a fire. Drouin opts for "medium toast" and only in a few cases for "heavy toast" which can impart a roasted coffee-like aroma and flavor tone to the Calvados. In addition to 225-liter wine casks, there are increasingly 300-400 and 600-liter casks. There are also 'foudres', large oak barrels with a capacity of over 2000 liters.

    • Druif

      Cider, gemaakt van appels en en een beetje peren

    • Herkomst

      Normandië, Frankrijk

    • Lekker bij

      als aperitief of bij terrines of appeltaart

    • Smaakprofiel

      mousserend, fruitig en verfrissend

    • Productiemethode


    • Inhoud

      4.5% - 0.75L