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Festive news

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Festive News

Time Flies ... !

Our theme box is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

We're really proud of it - especially when we see how many followers the phenomenon mix box has already found ... because ultimately it's about you, as an enthusiastic wine taster, the chance to enjoy a number of different wines side by side and get the chance to distill your personal favorites, and then to make a personal wine list so you get your own taste in the picture!

So that's a lot of chances in a box ... and you have even more Chance.

We will hide a voucher of €25 in 10 boxes. As an extra trigger ...

We are all secretly fond of opportunities... well this is one of them!

The JUBILEUMboxhas a value of € 75,00

but because of the anniversary you get it for € 69,50

In short long live the mix box, a guideline in the search for your PUUR Personal WISE MACHINE!

PS Do you have several boxes in order ?

Do NOT click on the BOX belowr ..but order theJubilee bonus-box.

You will then receive this Jubilee-surprise box for the extra special Jubilee price of €59,50