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Top 100 Delicious

Top 100 Delicious

Cathy Moerdijk, former buyer of Vinites, has joined the management of WineWarehousing, a purchasing collective specialized in sustainably produced wines. The sales activities are bundled under the name Well of Wine.

As a shareholder, she will also help shape the wine collection. The daily management remains in the hands of founder Hans Dijkstra.

Cathy was named “best wine buyer in the Netherlands 2009-2010” by the trade magazine Perswijn.

The Well of Wine sales platform, exclusively for quality-conscious retailers, will strengthen its strength on the market through its own stores and affiliated independent partners.

WineWarehousing brought together the collections of four (small, quality-conscious) importers under one roof. The total collection has approximately 400 titles, many of them highly praised in media such as De Grote Hamersma, Elsevier, NRC, Zin magazine, Lekker, Proefschrift, Perswijn, De Telegraaf, Den Haag Centraal, and online at Hubrechtduijker.com, winebusiness .nl and Food-Market.nl.