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Festive News

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Festive News

Festive News

Time Flies..!

Our theme box is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

We are really proud of it - especially when we see how many followers the mix box phenomenon has already found... because ultimately it is about that you, as an enthusiastic wine taster, get the opportunity to comfortably taste a number of different wines in addition to taste each other and have the opportunity to distill your personal favorites from them, and then create a personal wine list from it so that you can visualize your own taste!

So that's a lot of chances in one box... and you have even more chances.

We are going to hide a €25 voucher in 10 boxes. As an additional trigger...

We all secretly love opportunities... well this is one of those!

The ANNIVERSARY box has a value of €75.00

but because of the anniversary you get it for €69.50

In short, long live the mix box, a guideline in the search for your PURE Personal WINE TASTE!

PS Do you have multiple boxes on order?

Then DO NOT click on the BOX below...but order the Anniversary extra bonus box.

You will then receive this Anniversary surprise box for the extra special Anniversary price of €59.50

Order the ANNIVERSARY surprise box